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Sweet Inspiration

I love chocolate. That’s no secret. It’s what helped me with my book when I got writer’s block. But what you may not know is that chocolate is not only my favorite treat, but there’s a certain chocolate that also inspires me. I’m talking about Dove Chocolate with its encouraging quotes etched on the foil inside. One that I recently opened gave me an idea. Why not share these messages with you? Here goes the first one.

“It’s never too late,” the wrapper read. Seriously? I couldn’t believe my eyes as I stared at the words while the chocolate melted in my mouth. That’s my mantra! How in the world did Dove get a hold of it and then have the nerve to print it? After the shock of seeing these familiar words written on the wrapper, I began to ponder why this quote has become so important in my life.

The best example that comes to mind is my writing career. My first book was just published at age 92, and I continue to write every day. It keeps me going and brings me joy. I never gave up my dream of becoming a writer “someday” after scribbling stories on a school tablet as a child 80 years ago. Who starts a new career in their 90s? Indeed, it’s never too late!

Serious obstacles had to be overcome to even start writing. Technology was the main culprit. Learning email, sending and receiving documents, and online editing was overwhelming – but I never gave up. Did I mention I was in my 80s when attempting to learn these new skills? With the help of my daughter, my 24/7 assistant, I persisted. The tin filled with my favorite Dove Chocolate motivated me to keep trying and never give up.

As you can see, “It’s Never Too Late” will continue to inspire me whenever it pops up

on a Dove Chocolate foil wrapper, especially as I write. My mission now is to seek and share the inspiration I discover tucked inside the rest of the stash of treats in my tin. More Dove Chocolate will have to be eaten, of course. I won’t complain. It’s for a good cause.

And now I invite you to come with me on this sweet journey. Let the inspiration begin!


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